1. Jerry Prewett

    Congrats on your PERFECTO, Matt. Now I have a Giant to share a fantastic feat with my childhood heroes Don Larsen and Sandy Koufax (even tho S.K. was a dratted Dodger).
    Enjoy your vacation in HI and your round of golf with Dustin.

  2. Marie

    I get tears in my eyes everytime i see the last out of this perfect game! it was amazing to watch on TV as you made Giants history, no matter where you career goes you will always be remembered as the first pitcher to get a perfect game for this franchise. You are one of the reasons I love calling myself a Giants fan both and raised. Congrats Matt!!! we love you!

  3. Steven Morrow

    Matt I was so proud of you when you made that final out to become the 1st Giant to ever pitch a perfect game I had chills with a few tears, I would like to also tell you that this ranks above the Championship you guys brought to the bay area. Keep up the great work, and as far as I am concerned next year opening day that spot should belong to you. I am proud to bleed Orange and Black and will never ever bleed anything else.

  4. Jeff morse

    Thank you so much for being the example of professionalism and class that you are. You are what athletics should be all about. Going out every start and just doing your best without any sensationalism and trying to draw the attention to yourself. Thank you for the positive example that you set for my son and all children that have the pleasure of watching you compete and leave it all out there very game. Well deserved perfect game with the perfect catcher to share your moment with.

  5. Alexander

    You suck!!!! Just kidding well done Cain, a marvelous performance against the worst team in baseball.

  6. John K

    You have been the best pitcher on this staff for years. You never got any run support in a lot of those years. I always knew you were the best. I am really happy for you and your family. It seems the run support has been coming this season. It just goes to show, with the run support you are the best in baseball. I am forever grateful to the Giants for locking you up with a deserved contract.
    Again thank you Matt Cain. You are number 1 in Baseball.

  7. Jeremy S

    50 years from now when a fellow Giants fan asks me, “where were you when Cain threw the first perfect game in Giants history?” I’ll be able to tell them exactly where and with who I was. These are the moments that make sports the greatest thing in the world. Congrats Matt.

  8. Casey

    I still can’t believe what happened that night. Your contributions to the world series championship and your perfect game were unimaginable. I can’t wait to see what you will do next. You are destined for greatness! Wait–scratch that–YOU ARE GREATNESS!!!

  9. nick

    you were always in the shadow of lincecum being one of the most underrated pitchers in the league and now is your time to shine and everyone how great you are! congrats!

  10. Ron O.


    Since you started with the Giants, you have been my favorite pitcher. That night solidified the faith I placed in you in the Giants rotation. You are an amazing pitcher and cannot wait to see what you continue to do for the Orange and Black. Go GIANTS!!!

  11. Pam Bignardi

    Dear Matt –
    I have been a Giants fan since I was a little girl in San Francisco – and even with the cold, windy nights at The Stick, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. Since you joined the Giants, I’ve always said you are a workhorse; a class act and a role model, which is something our children so desperately need! Congratulations on “THE” Perfect Game – if any Giants pitcher deserved this, it is certainly you. I admire you and your ethic. I look forward to many more years being so proud you are on “my team!!” Thank you, Matt, for everything!!


    Congratulations Matt!! Awesome game. Couldn’t be happier for you. You deserved it, and you’re definitely the horse of the pitching staff.

  13. Peggy

    I have been a Giants fan back to the days at the Stick and I have to admit, it was tough. But, I never gave up hope that one day it would all change! And, you have been a huge part of it!! One of the best decisions the Giants made was when they signed you. A World Series and a Perfect Game – amazing!! Thank you for your dedication to your craft and being an outstanding young man and role model to so many kids that need one. I can’t wait to see what the rest of your career will bring you and us. To quote Pablo “unbelievable”!! Congratulations!! Just AWESOME!!

  14. DJessup

    I’ve been a HUGE supporter of you, Matt Cain, ever since you first came up. Over the last 6 1/2 years, I have gone to many of your games and seen you grow into the incredible pitcher you are. Through all the hard-luck seasons to the 2010 Playoffs, you have remained the heart and the rock of the rotation. I look forward to your next 7 years with us!

  15. Joe Lewis Jr

    Since 05 I’ve been a MAJOR Fan of yours & I’ve always said to my colleges, friends, & Family that I felt you were always the guy over looked in the Rotation. All I can say is after this you got yours & I am very happy. Thank you for staying in SF Cain you’re my BOY!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I Hope you Get your Deserving Cy Young soon

  16. Durell

    That was such an amazing game!! I was on the edge of my seat the whole game! It felt like the World Series all over again! I was so happy for you & the team I just sta there & cried. Thank you for giving us that memory!!!

  17. Seth Mitchell

    I’m going to watch the replay again tonight. So awesome to be able to relive such an amazing night. Perfect way to get my baseball fix during the break, You are the man Cainer!! I will be telling my kids and grandkids about jun 13 2012 for years to come ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Stan and Laurie Brocksen

    Matt Together We are Giant … In today’s world and all the stress we see you do a Perfect Game All we can say is AWESOME !!!!!!!! Keep it up we Love you even though we Live in AZ we will always consider San Francisco part of our Family and Home .

  19. Matt

    Matt, been a fan of yours since your first season with the giants, and I can say with confidence that I always knew it would be you to pitch the first perfect game in giants history. Great job, Cain! You have my vote for Cy Young this year! Keep it up!

  20. Colin Matthews

    Well done. Really enjoyed watching the highlights of an epic performance from yourself and the team. It gave me and my boys a huge amount of satisfaction. Just a pity we were not able to watch it live due to the time difference over here in Scotland. A fantastic achievement that will never be forgotten by Giants fans worldwide.

  21. Kim

    Not only are you an amazing young man, you are a great pitcher. My family has been watching you since your Grizzly days and you have always been our favorite. We had seats behind the dugout and you were always so sweet to the kids and fans. Not only did you give my niece a ball, you signed it for her at the end of the game. Not forgetting that you promised her. At Spring training, you again signed baseballs for her. Least to say, she has a Matt Cain Jersey and you have always been her favorite. She is 14 now and you made a huge impact on her. You are what heroes are made of, you are still that young man you were when you started out. Many athletes who become the star you have, forget who they were. You have always been a wonderful role model. Thank you so much for all the memories. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  22. Beverly Ranis

    Congratulations and MAHALO for giving your fans the privilege & opportunity to share in such a momentous game for YOU and the SF GIANTS! I’m proud to be a FAN…and so is my 17 year old Tatiana (native San Franciscan) who wears all her GIANTS apparel with PRIDE!! MAHALO NUI LOA.

  23. Austin Krause

    Congrats Matt!! It was only a matter of time before you got the much deserved Perfect Game. Wishing all the best luck in new endeavours. Go Giants!

  24. Jonathan

    omg great job on your perfect game!!! No one could have done better than you!!! U Rock! I look forward to getting your jersey and perfect game tee! THNX matt!!!

  25. Bev

    You have just been amazing for so many years and I’m so proud to be a Giants fan and ticket holder. Perfect game!! A breathtaking performance.

  26. george romias

    Congratulations Matt..I was on a trip to Ireland…and didnt know about your perfect game till we came home on the 19th…again Congratulations,and to your team mates for their role in helping you gain this performace…Go Giants

  27. Norm Bittles

    I’ve had my Matt Cain jersey for a couple of years now. I felt YOU were the cornerstone of the Giants staff. You have been consistant through the years. Noone is more deserving than you Matt! I also liked the “old school” tip of the hat too. Best wishes to you and God bless you and your family

  28. eskAe

    Matt Cain, the ultimate weapon. there isn’t a more deserving player of a perfect game out there. here’s to all the hard work, champ! i look forward to your next one!

  29. Julie Vassallo

    You are amazing and we are fortunate to have you in orange and black for years to come! It is so fitting that our most veteran player has brought such prestige and honor to the franchise. Thank you, Matt, for giving Giants one more reason to be proud.

  30. Linda

    Matt, congratulations on your achievement, the first in Giants history. I admire you not only for your skill but also your humility and your appreciation expressed to the other players who helped preserve your perfecto. Keep up the great work!

  31. Randy Campbell

    Matt: Someone had to be first, and the fact that it took nearly 130 Years
    for the GIANTS FIRST PERFECT GAME, means that they were just waiting for you!
    Congratulations! A friend sent me down the S.F. Chronicle, which I shall treasure!
    Randy C.- Giants Fan since 1962!- Tucson, AZ

  32. Jake

    Matt! Congrats you are my favorite player on the Giants and i hope i get to see you start the All-Star-Game! you threw a great and Perfect game! Congrats! Hope i can see you start again in SF!

  33. Daniel Reeves

    Matt – I feel so fortunate to have shared the experience of your perfect game. I decided to attend the game at the last minute and I am so glad I did. I have always admired and appreciated your presence on the Giants, and June 13, 2012 was the culmination of every game before it. Thank you for being a Giant, and for your high level of professionalism. Congratulations and Go Giants!

  34. todd w

    My family and most others live a difficult stress-filled life these days. Your perfect game reinforced the fact that great things can happen, even when you least expect them to occur. The ” STRONGER THAN DEATH ” will the GIANTS play with daily since our WS season continues to inspire my family daily!!!” My favorite Giant of all time THE THRILL would have it no other way

  35. joseph gonzales

    I can’t say enough good things about how you play the game of baseball. You are and have been a top pitcher since you stepped on to a major league field! Even without the perfect game, you have been our workhorse and just so incredibly steady. i absolutely love to watch you pitch! Congrats Matt!

  36. Dave

    Amazing! Just amazing! I got to watch two innings at work, the second and third, and it just seemed like he was in total control. Great performance Matt!

  37. Longtime Giants fan Nancy

    Matt – A big congrats, so very well done and so glad for you – I have alway s been a supporter, you are truly a very superb pitcher!!!

  38. Chris

    I’m looking forward to celebrating Matt Cain day every year by sporting my Giants gear! Congratulations Matt!

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